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Full electric Walkie Stacker



Here are some key features and benefits of a full electric walkie stacker:


1. Electric-powered: Unlike traditional stackers that may rely on manual or internal combustion engines for power, a full electric walkie stacker operates solely on electricity. This eliminates emissions, reduces noise levels, and provides a cleaner and more environmentally friendly solution.


2. Walk-behind operation: The walkie stacker is designed to be operated by a pedestrian walking behind or alongside the equipment. This allows for greater maneuverability in tight spaces and improved visibility for the operator.


3. Lifting and stacking capabilities: The walkie stacker is equipped with forks or adjustable platforms that can lift and stack pallets or other loads. It typically has a lifting capacity ranging from a few hundred kilograms to several tons, depending on the model.


4. Electric controls: The stacker is controlled using electric buttons or a control panel, enabling precise and smooth lifting, lowering, and maneuvering of loads. Some models may also feature advanced features like adjustable lift heights, tilt functions, and programmable settings.


5. Safety features: Full electric walkie stackers are designed with safety in mind. They often include features such as emergency stop buttons, load backrests, safety sensors, and automatic braking systems to enhance operator safety and prevent accidents.

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Steel frameHigh quality steel frame ,Compact design with strong steel construction for perfect stability,accuracy and high lifetime


Multi-function meterThe multi-function meter can display the vehicle working status, battery power and working time. 

Anti burst cylinderAnti burst cylinder ,Extra layer protection.Explosion-proof valve applied in the cylinder prevents injuries in case of hydraulic pump failure.

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