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Lever Tightener



Lever tighteners are commonly employed for cargo securing and binding, particularly in the transportation industry, such as on trucks and flatbed trailers. They are tools used to tighten chains or ropes, ensuring the secure and safe transport of goods.The main body of the lever tightener is often made of high-quality steel. Steel provides strength, durability, and resistance to wear and tear, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.To further protect against corrosion and rust, lever tighteners feature coatings coatings include zinc plating or powder coating, providing an additional layer of defense against environmental elements.

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1.Specialized Design: This load binder features a hinged lever handle design, minimizing the risk of recoil for safe and efficient operations.

2.Extra Safety: Tension is applied away from the load, providing safe and one-hand release features for additional security.

3.Easy to Use: Suitable for 5/16-inch Grade 70 or 3/8-inch Grade 70 chains, it is versatile for various applications, ensuring simplicity and user-friendliness.

Use Tips:

1. **Load Limits:** Understand the load limits of the lever tightener before use to ensure it complies with the weight requirements of the cargo you intend to secure.

2. **Proper Use:** Avoid using the lever tightener for tasks outside its intended purpose. Ensure you understand its correct use and operation.

3. **Regular Inspections:** Periodically check the condition of the lever tightener, including the lever, connection points, and chain. Ensure there is no wear, breakage, or other potential issues.

4. **Correct Chain Selection:** Use chains of the correct specifications and grade to ensure the strength of the chain aligns with the lever tightener's coordinated use.

5. **Careful Release:** When releasing the lever tightener, operate it with caution to ensure no personnel or other objects are in a pressurized state.

6. **Safe Operation:** Adhere to safe operating procedures during use, wear appropriate protective gear, and ensure the safety of the operator and the surrounding environment.

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2. Forged Lifting Ring:
Made of high-strength alloy steel through forging, it exhibits high strength and great tensile capacity.

3. Special Thickened Hook:

Forged and thickened, the integrated hook is reliable, stable, and durable.

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